​​Status Review

Think of this as a "complete physical exam" of your startup.

In this comprehensive 2-hour Q&A session we analyze with the startup team the vital parameters of their business project, such as:

- Market/Potential/Opportunity/Customer

- Product/Problem/Solution

- Team

- Business/Money/Capital/Sales/Earnings

- Intellectual Property

- Growth/Traction

- Strategy/Plan

- Competitors/Competitive Advantage


The Status Review session is tailored to reveal any deficiencies in your existing business, and results in written report that lists the problems and provides advice on how to mitigate them.

Fee: $250.00

Targeted Coaching

Custom designed 1-on-1 training programs intended to help startup founders improve their business skills and raise the chances for successfully building a lean, capital-efficient, scalable business.

Fee: $100/hr, 10 hrs minimum.

Pre-requisite: Status Review

Perfect Pitch Bootcamp

Day I:

- Introduction to Perfect Pitch - How to resonate with investors
- CEO Roles and Responsibilities
- Avoiding Pitfalls with Formation and Compensation
- Accounting - Setting Up Books, Forecasting, and Projections
Day II:

- Valuation - What Your Business is Worth Today and Tomorrow

- Due Diligence and You
- Protecting Intellectual Property
- The Deal - Understanding the Term Sheet

Day III:

- Marketing
- Sales
- Building a Winning Team
- The Pitch Competition

To ensure close interaction between faculty and entrepreneurs, each Perfect Pitch class is limited to 10 students.

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